Quick CAST Principle and Processes

The QuickCast method can deliver complex metal prototypes in 3-5 days and is cost effective if only a few parts are required. It also can use the real metal material for testing.

<II.>What is QuickCast?

1、SL cell form
SL: stereo lithography
SLA: stereo lithography apparatus

The open hatch interior of cell form could be honeycomb (sexangle), hexahedron or tetrahedron pattern.
2、 Final prototype


1、 quick prototype
2、 for casting, shorter preprocess time.

<IV.> epoxy resins pattern not wax pattern
<V.> speed up product development
<VI.> more precision than traditional casting


Quick CAST Benefits
I、 fast from concepts to prototype
II 、 any shape such under cut or odd complex shape
III 、 low cost

1、 no tooling, no mold.
2、 few faults
3、 little tolerance

I 、 higher the oxygen level

2100°F       for      30 minutes
185°F         for        2 hours

Investment Casting

    QuickCast replaces traditional wax patterns for investment casting with highly accurate resin patterns on the Stereolithography Apparatus (SLA), bypassing the expensive and time-consuming step of machining hard tooling. QuickCast is a proven product facilitator that reduces long lead times on metal castings by as much as 80 percent or more.

    QuickCast replaces traditional wax patterns to save time and to get precision.
The result is QuickCast patterns in as little as 2 to 4 days and quality metal castings in 1 to 2 weeks (depending on part geometry).

    QuickCast casting Material: aluminum alloy, Stainless steel, tool steel, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, copper ,nickel and cobaltbased alloys